Become an E-Friend for Life

Hope Rising relies on God moving in the hearts of supporters to provide for both our clients’ needs and the daily needs of our ministry. The greatest ongoing need of our ministry is monthly funding, and the E-Friend for Life tool provides an accessible way for you to help our ministry every month while reducing our administrative costs. E-Friend for Life partners simply authorize their bank or credit card company to automatically transfer their partnership gifts to the Hope Rising on a monthly basis. Partnering with the Hope Rising as an E-Friend for Life is a unique opportunity for you to play an enhanced role in advancing God’s kingdom one life at a time.

E-Friend for Life Partnership-Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Friend for Life?
E-Friend for Life is a financial stewardship program that allows supporters to be ongoing partners in ministry with Hope Rising. By your providing consistent financial support, Hope Rising is able to focus on caring for the needs of our clients and reaching them for Christ.

What does the Monthly Transfer Authorization Form do?
This form gives your bank or credit card company permission to transfer your gift to Hope Rising beginning on the specified date that you choose.

Which is better-checking, savings, or credit card?
This choice is yours-they all provide financial stability for Hope Rising and allow us to complete God’s mission without the distraction of additional fundraisers to cover monthly bills. Credit card companies will deduct ~2.2% of each credit card gift, so checking and savings accounts maximize your gift’s benefit to the ministry.

If my financial situation were to change, could I change my monthly transfer?
Absolutely. You are in complete control of your gift, and you can alter the amount at any time simply by contacting Hope Rising. The amount can be increased, reduced or suspended at any time.

Why does Hope Rising need a voided check or deposit slip?
The Hope Rising Database Administrator uses your voided document to set up your E-Friend for Life account. Having your routing number and account number printed on your check or deposit slip prevents unnecessary errors.

Is my account information secure?
Yes. Hope Rising is well aware of identity theft concerns. Your personal information is securely maintained in locked files. Our chosen automatic transfer company, Check-Free, has established itself as the premier electronic processor since 1981.

How will I see a record of my giving?
Depending on your method of monthly transfer, your gifts will appear on your bank or credit card statement. In addition, you will receive an initial letter acknowledging your enrollment as an E-Friend for Life partner and a year-end giving statement in January from the Hope Rising.