The Annual Fundraising Gala was an Incredible Evening of Blessings!

Men’s Program Coordinator, Jim Altensee, Jim Altensee, shows volunteer Luke Shaffer, how to swaddle an infant during the immersive Ministry Tour

The Gala was a wonderful evening of celebrating together what God has done through Hope Rising in the past year, and looking forward to what God is calling us to do in the future. Around 550 guests attended the event with good food, great speakers, and fellowship with other life-minded people from our area. Our newly redesigned “Experience Hope Rising” Ministry Tour featured an immersive walk-through of the various free programs and services offered to clients, complete with guests ringing a bell at the end of the tour to reaffirm their own salvation.

What an awesome privilege it was for those in attendance to hear our brave clients, Angela and Jessi and Colin, share their stories of hope and healing through the support and services they received at Hope Rising. What was even more fun was having them in attendance at the Gala with their spouses. One of their sweet babies was also an honored guest! God writes such beautiful and complete stories.

Click image to hear Angela’s Testimony
Click image to hear Jessi and Colin’s Testimony

Our speaker, Steventhen Holland, pictured with Executive Director, Sheri Lawson, and Development Director, Brian Shaffer

Hope Rising’s Executive Director, Sheri Lawson, reminded everyone in attendance that as an organization, we need to do two things exceptionally well: 1) Have trained people ready to speak the truth in a way that connects to people considering abortion and 2) Ensure that women considering abortion come to Hope Rising. Sheri also shared our vision for turning the tide, to not just focus on being on the defense, but to go on the offense by aggressively sharing the message of sexual integrity in local schools and churches.

Hope Rising Board of Directors with Executive Director, Sheri Lawson
(not pictured, Dr. Patrick Oliver)

Our speaker, Steventhen Holland, shared his remarkable story of redemption after being conceived in rape and being born to a severely mentally challenged young mother. His story was full of hope, humor, and forgiveness. He even shared a video of the day he was able to meet his birth mom face-to-face. There weren’t too many dry eyes in the crowd after getting a chance to watch that heartwarming encounter. His inspiring talk was a good reminder to all of us of why we do what we do and the eternal impact it can have. The fact that Steventhen Holland is alive to tell his story is a miracle. He easily could have been what most in America would say is an “acceptable abortion”…his severely mentally-challenged mother was gang-raped as a teenager and she had no ability to raise him. At 38 weeks pregnant, she was homeless and living in a cardboard box. You have to hear his story to truly appreciate how God can redeem any situation.

What an incredible night shared with so many devoted supporters!

Around $460,000 was given or pledged at this year’s Gala. We are so thankful for God’s continued faithfulness and watchful care!

We know there were some of you who wanted to attend but couldn’t for whatever reason. We wanted to give you an opportunity to financially partner with us in our mission to protect the unborn and proclaim the Gospel.

If you weren’t able to join us for our evening together, here is a video of the complete program.